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The Ethical Business Bootcamp Course

Hosted by business coach and entrepreneur Kate Strong. This course will give you the tools to design your ethical business around your personal dream, goals and lifestyle. It will also make sure you are empowered to create the business you want, not just given a ‘5-step tick list’ and told what to do. The sky really is the limit.

One ingredient that is critical for any business success and that is taking effective action. You may have a $1 billion dollar idea that will revolutionise the world, but nothing will change unless you take the first step to bring your idea to life.

You need a platform - a business - where you can magnify your message through becoming that entrepreneur and leader that you’ve dreamed of.

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Tackling Type 2 Diabetes With Diet


In this free six-PART course led by Dr. Vivian Chen, MBBS, MRCP, MRCGP, we talk you through how to tackle insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Press the 'GET FREE ACCESS TODAY' to watch the trailer to find out more about this FREE course.

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The Ultimate Guide To A Vegan Pregnancy

This course is led by Dr. Gemma Newman - a UK-based medical professional and mother to two vegan children. We teamed up with Dr. Neal Barnard from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to bring you this comprehensive guide to having a healthy, happy, and vibrant pregnancy. Over more than 20 meticulously constructed modules, we’ll cover a wide range of topics - from essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy to what to expect throughout each trimester. 


The Ultimate Guide To Raising A Child Vegan

Over more than 20 meticulously constructed modules, we'll cover a wide range of topics from breastfeeding, weaning, how your child can best adopt a whole-food plant-based diet - including which nutrients to watch out for and how to get them, the benefits this will have, tips for fussy children, recipes, and much much more. 


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We believe that the way to change the World is through education. When people feel empowered to make positive choices, they can make the switch much faster and those choices tend to last longer.

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