Actions, Tips & Tricks To Get More Likes On Your Posts

Getting people to like, comment, and share your content is crucial to increasing the strength of your voice for animals. More engagement = more reach = more followers = more people becoming aware of the awesome reality of plant-based eating and living in 2019.

There are little actions you can implement into the way you post on social that will increase the likelihood of people double-tapping or hitting that like button. The nitty gritty, some might say. Today, we’re covering just that.

When applicable, tag the relevant location in your post. You can even get creative and create your own location. Individuals, organizations, and groups should also be tagged when appropriate. These actions will give more context and background to your posts and encourage more robust partnerships and teamwork with others.

When posting video content, choose a good cover photo. People scroll very quickly in their newsfeeds, so you need to give your post every chance it can at succeeding, including having a solid thumbnail. When possible, include captions directly on video content because the majority of videos views on social are actually muted.

Experiment with different content. See what your audience responds to. Do more of what they do engage with, and less of what they don’t. Also, engage with other accounts’ posts. This will have the added benefit of encouraging them to engage with yours, too.

If you share a post from someone else, include your own commentary in the caption of the share. Your audience cares more about how you feel about something than what the original poster’s caption says.

Engage in conversation in the comments / reply sections on posts. Social media platforms prioritize posts that spark conversation, so the more activity that is happening in the comments section, the more likely it is for that post to show up in additional newsfeeds. On Facebook, reply to comments on your posts in the subsequent 1-3 days after you post. Each time, it will trigger Facebook to place the post back in some newsfeeds.

On Twitter, retweet important tweets from others, but do have a healthy balance of your own content as well. When people land on your page, they want to see a healthy amount of content in your own voice, not only retweets of others. An excellent hack on Twitter is retweeting your own tweet. You can do this multiple times throughout the day, and each time, it shows up at the  top of newsfeeds as if it’s a fresh post.

Take advantage of new features on social media.  These platforms want you to use new features, so when you do, you’ll be more highly prioritized in newsfeeds. You’ll also become an early adopter, becoming skilled at these new features before everyone else.

The nitty gritty can be easily dismissed as being unimportant, but giving your posts every opportunity to succeed is essential in a game where you’re competing against billions of others for attention. Animals need us take advantage of every opportunity we have.

John Oberg

John Oberg is a social media pro, dedicated to making the world a kinder place for animals by utilizing the power of social media. He recently launched his own independent project for animals through Patreon. Prior to that, he served as Director of New Media for the international animal protection organization, The Humane League. And prior to that, John served as Director of Communications for Vegan Outreach. In both of these roles, John oversaw social media for the organizations which led to a tenfold increase in following in both, as well as over 1 billion views of content posted to these pages.

You can follow John on Twitter or donate to his Patreon

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