Learn The Fundamentals of Plant-Based Nutrition with Chris Peare & Institute of Health Sciences

I am Chris, a Plant-based Nutritional Therapist from Green Lemon Nutrition.

My history with plants has been a very mixed one.  For the vast majority of my life I steered clear of them altogether.  I was always a fit and healthy child, but in my mid-teens I became addicted to junk food, and over the course of a year I became obese.  With the significant weight gain I became tired and more reliant on highly refined foods for quick energy, I drank too much at the weekends, and I gave up all sports.  My skin suffered greatly and I had terrible acne on my back. I hated taking my shirt off for fear of exposing my body and my poor skin to people in school and I used to always "forget" my sports gear to get out of doing so.  My weight got worse as I progressed through the education system, the more freedom I got the more junk food I ate, and I was a secret eater. I used to wake up every night and eat chocolate, bars and bars of the stuff, I recently discovered that this is actually called Night Eating Syndrome (NES).  I tried every diet under the sun, low fat, keto, high protein, low carb and for a while I didn't eat at all. I went to weight loss clinics and nutrition professionals. There was always an initial weight loss but it was never sustainable.

Eventually I decided on a mindset change.  Energy for life was my new goal, not weight loss for aesthetics.  My plant journey started with just one juice a day. As a consequence of life at the time I had to reduce my exercise frequency significantly but found that the nourishing micro-nutrients in my new juicing habit actually resulted in weight loss, and my energy started to increase.  I was hooked and started adding more plant foods into my diet while decreasing my intake of meat and cheese. The more I ate the healthier I got. Very soon I was eating a plant-based diet and studying nutrition. I changed my relationship with food and started growing my own veg on a little raised bed at the bottom of my garden.  I now have a polytunnel and a hydroponic system and my garden is filled with amazing fresh organic foods like nectarines, figs, plums, sugar snap peas, mange tout, carrots, beetroot, tomatoes, purple sprouting broccoli, cauliflower, and green leafy vegetables.

The aim of this course is to help people understand the benefits of a plant-based diet.  I have had many clients come to me for help with the transition to a healthy plant-based diet after having been told that "it's not a good idea" by other health care professionals.  The clients went ahead with their decision without the knowledge and support they needed to do it in a healthy way and ended up feeling worse than they had previously. With the massive growth in plant-based diets I believe it is my responsibility to help people understand that we can thrive on a plant-based diet and that nutrition and healthcare professionals should support people if their choice is to make the change.  This course is for individuals who want eat more plants, and health care professionals who want to offer support to clients who choose the plant-based way of life. So, after a lot of hard work it is finally live and I am so excited to bring you on the journey.

The Fundamentals of Plant-based Nutrition is a 60-hour online course with a 6-month window for completion.  There are 5 modules of comprehensive evidence-based notes that will give you everything you need to know about plant-based diets.  The modules include:

  • Introduction to Plant-based Diets:
    • Types of plant-based diets
    • The Blue Zones
    • The Growth of Plant-based Diets (research from around the world)
  • Potential Health Benefits of a Plant-based Diet
    • The Digestive System
    • Heart Disease & Arterial Health
    • Blood Pressure
    • Type 2 Diabetes & Blood Sugar Balance
    • Obesity
    • The Chip Program
  • How to Get What You Need on a Plant-based Diet
    • The Protein Myth Busted
    • Vitamins & Minerals (Iron, Calcium, B12, Omega 3, Iodine etc.)
    • Organic Vs. Non-organic
    • Plant-based Food Pyramids, Plates and Other Recommendations
  • Plant Power Houses
    • The Benefits of Specific Plant Foods (Fibre, Nuts & Seeds, Nitrate Rich Veg, Eating the Rainbow, Berries & Fruits, Cruciferous Veggies, Legumes, Whole-grains, Sprouts, Fermented Foods, Herbs & Spices)
  • Transitioning to a Plant-based Diet
    • Transition Strategies
    • Eating Out & On The Go
    • The Kitchen Fit Out
    • Plant-based on a Budget

Moving to a plant-based diet changed my life.  I have lost one third of my body weight and my energy is better than ever.  I have clear skin; a clear mind, and I love life. The information that you are going to learn in this course is all evidence-based and I believe in it 100%.  Whether you want to support your clients or make a change to any kind of plant-based diet yourself (vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian) I am here to support you on your journey of eating more plants.

So, come and join me and the Institute of Health Sciences to learn how we can thrive eating plants.


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