How To Make Your Own Zero Waste Vegan Body Butter

zero waste Sep 03, 2018



Shea butter 1 cup  

Coconut oil ½ cup

Almond oil ¼ cup

Your favourite scented essential oil  20 drops

A double boiler (or a pan you can heat hot water on and a glass bowl to put over it).


1. In a bowl over simmering water, add the 1 cup of shea butter, the ½ cup of coconut oil and stir. 

2. Once it has completely melted add a ¼ cup of almond oil and 20 drops of your favourite scented essential oil.

3. Put the mixture in your fridge until it becomes solid and opaque and whip for 5 minutes with an electric whisker.

4. Place your mixture in a clean glass jar.

5. Apply all over your body, avoiding the eye area for soft and silky skin. 

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