How To Make Zero Waste Toothpaste At Home

zero waste Aug 30, 2018


It's surprisingly quick and easy to make your own zero waste toothpaste. Just follow the simple steps below.


Baking Soda 4 TBSP  

Alkaline, neutralises acidity in your mouth.
Low abrasion.

2) Bentonite Clay 4 TBSP

 Alkaline, neutralises acidity in your mouth.
 Rich in minerals.
 Low abrasion.

3) Xylitol 4 TBSP

Reduces bacteria that cause cavities.
Adds sweetness without the sugar!

4) Peppermint Essential Oil (optional, but recommended) 25 DROPS

To give you that minty fresh feeling!

5) Water 2 or 3 TBSP

To create the texture of a paste.


1. Avoiding any metal utensils, stir all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

2. Add the water.

3. Add the peppermint essential oil.

4. Add more or less water, depending on how thick you like your paste.

If you want to scale the recipe up or down, simply use equal parts of all dry ingredients, and add water and peppermint to your taste.

You can get all of these ingredients plastic free from Zero Waste Club. Plastic free bentonite claybaking soda and xylitol.

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