From 'Sickcare' To Healthcare

plant based nutrition Sep 22, 2019

Insurance premiums and medication prices are shaping the debate of the Democratic race for a good reason: 60 percent of US voters have at least one chronic disease and 40 percent have two or more.

While providing affordable care for people with sickness is critical, focusing on preventative healthcare will substantially reduce costs, improve quality of life, and stop the fast-growing epidemic of chronic conditions in the US.

To the blockbuster-question: "How do you pay for it?", all candidates argued about which pocket to tap into to pay for the highest healthcare bill of the western world. Instead, they should have geared the debate toward how to lower it. Just like for climate change, the math and science are clear. 

Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are responsible for 70 percent of healthcare expenditures and are largely preventable through lifestyle modifications.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that eliminating three risk factors –...

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Plant-Based Diet Nutrition And Health Ultimate Guide

plant based nutrition Oct 29, 2018

Introduction: Danielle Belardo MD

What if I told you that something you do every day, probably three times a day (or more), affects every cell and every organ system in your body?  

Would you give this activity more thought?

The 'activity' I am referring to is more than just an activity, it is what sustains us, builds and repairs cells, and fuels us. It's eating.


We know that nutrition is linked to many disease processes, and some of the frequently cited organs affected are your heart (my favorite) and gastrointestinal tract.

But what if I told you that eating more plants, and less animal products, could help every single cell, tissue and organ in your body, from your spine to your eyes?

As a cardiology fellow who is passionate about plant-based nutrition and preventative medicine, I have sought out multiple physicians through social media to share evidence based nutrition with.  

Eat more plants

I have connected with physicians all over the globe, spanning from...

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