Learn The Fundamentals of Plant-Based Nutrition with Chris Peare & Institute of Health Sciences

I am Chris, a Plant-based Nutritional Therapist from Green Lemon Nutrition.

My history with plants has been a very mixed one.  For the vast majority of my life I steered clear of them altogether.  I was always a fit and healthy child, but in my mid-teens I became addicted to junk food, and over the course of a year I became obese.  With the significant weight gain I became tired and more reliant on highly refined foods for quick energy, I drank too much at the weekends, and I gave up all sports.  My skin suffered greatly and I had terrible acne on my back. I hated taking my shirt off for fear of exposing my body and my poor skin to people in school and I used to always "forget" my sports gear to get out of doing so.  My weight got worse as I progressed through the education system, the more freedom I got the more junk food I ate, and I was a secret eater. I used to wake up every night and eat chocolate, bars and bars of the stuff, I recently discovered that...

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